Let it all go! How often have you heard this sentence in a yoga class? Probably a couple of times, right?

I’m a Yoga Teacher and I claim myself guilty of using this sentence regularly in my classes. Most of the time I use it in combination with “surrender”. It sounds something like: “Let it all go. Surrender into the present moment. Just be.” This sounds nice, right? But what do I, or all the others out there mean with this?
Yoga is all about being in the present moment. Not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. I recently wrote a post about exactly that topic, read it now.
But if someone says, “Let it all go” has it the same meaning as “be in the moment”? What do you think?

In my opinion, it’s very similar but not the same. Living in the moment or being in the moment, is not living in the past or the future. Which is an awesome, sometimes not easy practice to follow along.
“Let it all go” is something slightly different. Yes, you need to let go of your thoughts about the past and the future, but you also need to let go of being in control.
Most people don’t like the feeling of not having control over something or someone. It makes them feel uncomfortable. It’s the not knowing, the uncertainty of what will happen next, which drives us crazy. Even though we know that we can’t control everything, we’re still trying to control every situation. Control gives us stability. Control gives us a sense of purpose. Control gives us the feeling of being needed.

By letting all that go, we need to trust the process, we need to trust others. Because if we are not in control, who is in control? Maybe someone else, maybe no one. That’s alright, but hard to except. And it means, we become open to acceptance. Acceptance of others and their way to solve a problem. Acceptance of a situation. Acceptance of ourselves.

So, today I invite you to let go. Be loose. Trust others. Trust the process. You will be very surprised by how freeing this experience can be. Not putting on all responsibility for nearly everything. Because you know what, it will happen anyway.

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