Healthy Habit: Lemon water & it’s benefits

Today, I would love to share one of my daily habits to kick-start my day: Every morning, I roughly drink 1,5 liter warm, freshly squeezed lemon water.

Yes, I mean lemon water – nothing added. In this Blogpost, you will learn why I drink it every day and what kind of benefits it has on your overall health.

First of all: What is lemon water?

It’s very simple: Water + freshly squeezed lemon. I usually use organic lemons, so that I can reuse the lemon zest. You just simply squeeze the lemon into 1,5liter warm water. Finish! But what’s the purpose of doing so?

8 Benefits of lemon water

1. Lemon water hydrates

It’s kind of obvious, but a really important point. Too many people do not drink enough water per day. It’s recommended to drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day (no, cola or soda does not count). You need to drink more water if you are more active, or a bigger human. If you start your day with 1,5 liter unsweetened liquid you are already off to a great start to hit the 2-3 liter goal.

2. Lemon water can help to improve your skin

On one hand, lemon water is supposed to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is important for nails, bones, teeth, and hair. And on the other hand, it can help to improve your skin, as it has antibacterial properties.

3. Lemon water boosts your immune system

Lemons are full of precious vitamin C (up to 50mg Vitamin C per 100g Lemon). Your body can’t produce vitamin c itself, so it’s very important to support it from the outside. Vitamin C improves your ability to absorb iron and functions as an antioxidant, which means free radicals are bound.
Lemon water strengthens your immune system and has wonderful anti-bacterial properties – just in case you caught a cold.

4. Lemon Water kick-starts your digestive system

Lemon water activates your bile production, which supports fat burning. And the lemon acid promotes movement in your digestion system.
Besides that, lemons contain specific enzymes and pectin to support a healthy digestion. It’s a perfect start into your day.

5. Lemon water can help to lose weight

If we want to burn fat we usually need help from the noradrenaline hormone, which needs vitamin c for production. As mentioned before, your body can’t produce vitamin C yourself and you depend on the intake of it. The hormone noradrenaline helps to release fat from the fat cells and transforms it into energy to use. Vitamin C is also involved in L-carnitine production, which is needed for fat burning.
How big the actual effect of lemon water on weight loss is, is hard to say. Nonetheless, the consumption of lemon water supports the overall fat burning process and promotes a healthy digestion system. Both very important for your long-term health.

6. Lemon water balances your bases

Lemons are part of the alkaline food group. Even though they taste sour, they will provide you with the minerals potassium and magnesium, which can be utilized by your circulatory system.
Potassium is important for your muscles and your heart. While magnesium is important for your nerve- and muscle cells, as well as healthy bones and teeth.

7. Lemon water supports detoxification

Due to the increased fluid consumption in the morning, you will experience an increase in the need to urinate. This will help to flush out toxins from your body. This is also why you should make sure to drink enough during each day.

8. Lemon water kick-starts your day

If you make drinking lemon water a new daily habit, you will have a great start into your day. Take some time to do this self-care practice, just for yourself. Stay away from social media, emails, your phone, and do something good to your body. After drinking your 1,5l lemon water, you feel refreshed and ready for the day.

How do you start your day? What new habits do you want to establish into your daily routine?

Besides lemon water, I start my day with a short meditation followed by journaling to get my mind clear and focussed. Do you want to benefit from a clear mind?

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