4 Phases of your Moon Cycle

Last week a shared some insights on the linear vs. the periodic way of living (Read the full post here if you missed it).
Today I want to dive a little bit deeper into the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle.

Why is this important?

I already mentioned in my last post that women are on a periodic cycle. The hormones and our body change over that time. It’s important to understand what is going on in our bodies to take conscious action. If we live more aligned with our natural cycle, we can live a more empowered and balanced life. This awareness is not only helpful for women to align more with their cycles, this is also very beneficial knowledge for every man to understand women better and be as supportive and understanding as possible during the ups and downs of a women moon cycle.

Why is it called Moon Cycle?

First of all, I want to share, why we should start calling our menstrual cycle moon cycle and not a monthly cycle.

  1. Our cycle has at least 4 phases, they are very similar to the four phases of the moon (more on this later).
  2. The average cycle is shorter than a month and more similar to the length of a moon cycle.

Therefore I think it’s nice to start calling our menstrual cycle moon instead of a monthly cycle.
This does not imply, that our cycle is aligned with the moon itself. Some people believe that there is a relation between the full moon and menstruation. But research has shown, that this is not true. Some women bleed at the full moon, some just don’t. There is no real relation. Maybe it was different in ancient times because we were less exposed to artificial light, more natural lifestyle and had different kinds of stress. But again there is no real evidence for it.

The four phases of our moon cycle

1. Menstruation

The first day of our moon cycle is the day we start to bleed. Our hormones estrogen and progesterone are on a very low level, as our body prepares to lose an egg.
By losing blood, we are cleaning our uterus and detoxifying our whole system.
During that time we most likely like it warm, quiet, cozy and we might become a little unsocial. Our energy level can be very low, as our body is doing a lot of work and needs a lot of energy for doing so..

This first phase is also associated with the new moon, winter, death & reborn, yin.

Tips on aligning with this phase:

  • mindset & body: Letting go and release
  • activities: this is not the time for intense workouts, take it easy and match your energy level e.g. go for a walk, yin yoga, restorative yoga, avoid inversions & banda work or warming pranayamas.
  • work: listen to your body and give it some rest.
  • sexuality: more sensual, very intimate, protective and vulnerable.
  • avoid: drinking coffee, alcohol, sugar and social media.
  • tip: during our menstruation, we tend to be more intuitive and receive more universal wisdom. Don’t make any important decision, just listen, acknowledge and prepare for the next phase.

2. Pre Ovulation

Our estrogen level rises and we get more energy. The body prepares to receive and develop a baby. We feel in full power, excited, and curious about life. Usually, we are more outgoing, want to have fun, and we are very playful.

This second phase is also associated with the waxing moon, spring, girl, yang.

Tips on aligning with this phase:

  • mindset & body: Our body feels very energetic and sexy. Use the energy during this phase to push yourself.
  • work: Take decisions and actions, as it’s the perfect time to get your work done.
  • activities: do some power workouts, exhaust yourself and be playful.
  • sexuality: playful, explorative.

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3. Ovulation

Our body gets ready to release the egg. Usually, this means our body/breast becomes a little bit bigger and softer. Additionally to that our cervical mucus becomes more sticky, which can be a sign of fertility. The estrogen will be at its peak and we can feel powerful, confident, and shining like a full moon. Some studies have shown that during ovulation men feel most attracted to a woman.

This third phase is also associated with the full moon, summer, mother, yang.

Tips on aligning with this phase:

  • mindset & body: this is the perfect time to tackle and solve problems.
  • work: you feel more confident in front of other people use this for important conversations and presentations.
  • activities: use your energy for some activities like power yoga, fitness, strength and sweat workouts.
  • sexuality: enjoying, a lot of pleasure, a lot of desires, we tend to be more selfish.
  • tip: Make sure to exhaust all your energy during that time, otherwise you will have suppressed energy inside you, which is not very helpful for the next phase.

4. Pre Menstruation

In this phase, our estrogen level decreases, and sometimes our progesterone level needs a while to go up. This can lead to feeling nervous, unsteady, sad and you can become very irritable. For some women, the change of hormone levels can lead to blemished skin or acne outbreaks.
As our bodies prepare to bleed, we might feel a little less energetic and become more emotional, but also creative.
Don’t push too hard, as this can lead to hormone imbalances and infertility.

This fourth phase is also associated with the waning moon, autumn, wise women/witch, yin.

Excursion: PMS – premenstrual syndrome
PMS is a phenomenon of the modern times we live in. It became normal and accepted by modern women, but the truth is PMS is not normal nor natural.
PMS happens because we live in a linear world as period beings. We don’t listen to our bodies and pretend to be able to have the same energy level every day. We even are willing to take painkillers to quieten our bodies and don’t need to listen. This leads to more imbalances in our bodies. If we start to listen to our bodies, giving them what they need, and live aligned with our cycle we will not have such symptoms.
Modern times are shaped by linear beings with steady energy levels, but that’s not how a female body works. Most of the time we don’t allow ourselves to focus inwards, to be unsocial, to just don’t have the energy to do something. Allow yourself to adapt to your hormones. Honor the beauty and power of all phases of your cycle.

Tips on aligning with this phase:

  • mindset & body: we feel more introverted, unsocial during this phase. This is a great time to observe what is not going well in your life. As we are more emotional, the things which are not serving us will become more obvious.
  • work: focus on creative work and avoid important negotiations.
  • activities: take it slower, don’t push too hard, go out into nature, dance, and explore your creative side.
  • sexuality: more extreme. either more erotic or not sexual at all.
  • tip: This is a great time for creativity, self-love, and self-care. Do whatever feels good for you. Journaling is a wonderful tool to connect with your creative side.

All the things I mentioned above are more in general. Every woman is different and will experience their moon cycle differently. Besides that my view is very superficial. There are so many more hormones active in our body and influencing our cycle. If you want to dive deeper into that topic, feel free to reach out I’m happy to point you to some resources (just send me a Mail).

Besides that, my whole work as a holistic coach is focused on working with women in different phases of our life. One main part of my work is dedicated to cycle syncing. If you are ready to take control over your life and want to reconnect with your cycle you can learn more about my current program and can apply for a free consultation with me here.

If you are ready to start today, apply for a free 1:1 Coaching Session today.

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