Linear vs. periodic way of living

Last month we’ve learned a lot about Health Coaches and what a Health Coach is doing (read more here).
As you might know, my work as a health coach is mainly focused on the work with women.
This includes different topics like losing weight, feeling more balanced, increasing overall energy and mood, healthy lifestyle choices etc. I know that all those topics are not only important for women but also for men. But it’s crucial to mention that men and women work differently. So if they have the same goal, they probably need different strategies to be successful.

*Disclaimer: when I speak of men and women, I speak of the gender we are born with. I know there are many different shapes, versions, and interpretations out there. I acknowledge all of them. And I apologize if your feel offended by the words I use. If that’s the case, please reach out to me and I’m happy to change so that everyone feels included. We are all unique snowflakes.

Linear vs. periodic

One of the main differences between men and women are our hormones and the different phases we experience during our entire life.
Men are mostly linear. They do have small hormonal cycles every day. Which means their hormones change over a day. But if we zoom out, their hormones are most likely very similar over a longer period. This also means, their energy level is most likely more steady and linear.

Women are on a monthly cycle. Our hormones change a lot during the different phases of our menstrual cycle. Different levels of hormones lead to different moods, energy levels, sex drive, creativity, etc. Every day of our cycle feels different.
How the menstrual cycle affects a woman is very individual and has a lot to do with our body and lifestyle choices like food, exercise, birth control, medications, pollution of the environment, climate zones, blue light, sleep etc. Everyone experiences something unique. Connecting with our cycle and live aligned to it, can change our lives completely.

Why is this important?

It’s important to understand, that our society is built by man for man. We as women entered the game later. So we tried to adapt to all the rules, which are already in place.
The world we live in is in most cases build for linear, constant energy and does not make allowance for non-linear humans.

We, as women, try to fit into this linear world, often surpressing our beautiful ever-changing cycle.
Our cycle is such a powerful thing, and by suppressing its characteristics, we suppress the feminine energy. We tab into masculine, linear energy. This is not a bad thing per se, as all humans have both qualities (unaffected by the gender we are born with) within them. But, it’s time to stop surpressing the feminine energy. Allow yourself to embrace your cycle. Connect with your cycle and not ignore your cycle. Our cycle is a beautiful and very thing that allows humankind to create new lives. Isn’t that amazing?

4 Tips on embracing your cycle:

  • Start tracking your cycle to learn more about it
  • Learn about the 4 phases a woman is going through every month
  • align your activities (as good as possible) with the 4 phases of your cycle
  • if you take birth control: learn more about how taking birth control affects your body. Did you know that if you are taking birth control you are not really menstruating? I will publish a separate blog post about this topic soon.

Understanding feminine & masculine energy

It’s important to understand, that when we talk about feminine and masculine energy, it’s completely unrelated to the gender we are born with or the gender we chose.
Everyone has both qualities within them. Acknowledging both energies is such an important thing to do.
Those are polarities, like the yin yang symbol. One can not exist without the other and the goal is the find the perfect balance between those opposites.
Knowing which energy serves you in which moment and how you can tap into specific energy is such powerful wisdom.

In the next couple of weeks, a will share more knowledge about the menstrual cycle, how to live aligned with your cycle, polarities, and the moon. Stay tuned.
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