Do you feel stuck?

Oh, trust me I know that feeling. You feel stuck in your life.
You know you don’t want to or can’t continue like that forever. It costs you so much energy to keep the system running. Deep down you know that you need to change something, but you feel kind of overwhelmed by the situation itself.

I experienced that situation myself and I see many friends and clients struggling with the same problems.

You are doing what everyone expects you to do. Go to school, go to university, find a decent job, earn enough money, be happy with what you have, don’t risk anything.

Usually, I like the quote “Never stop a running system” but in this case. Stop it – if it doesn’t make you happy.

We grow up with that mindset that we should aim for security and a decent life. Don’t risk anything or dream for too much.

Ya, it’s just half of the truth. If we don’t dream big and risk things (even small things) we will get stuck.

What was the last risk you took?

This doesn’t have to be something super risky, like swimming with big white sharks (even if some people like that kind of risk – that’s not what I mean). I mean the risk of trying something new, getting out of your comfort zone, or make small changed in your life. Answer that question: What was the last risk you took? When was it?
Give yourself a couple of minutes to think about those two questions and then continue with the next part.

How to escape?

It’s been probably a while since you risked or changed something in your life, right? With the following exercise, I will encourage you to rethink your situation.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to escape your feeling of being stuck. Take a pen and paper and answer all of them.

  • What have you always dreamed of?
  • What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been following their dreams and those who haven’t?
  • What would your perfect day look like? How do you want to live?
  • What are your values in life?
  • What is your secret sauce? What makes you special?
  • What is your superpower?
  • How can you use your superpower more often?

Now… take a couple of minutes to review your answers and reflect on them. Focus on that task only!

What are your thoughts? You’ve probably got the idea… the people who live their dreams are risking something. They constantly expand their comfort zone. So once again: What is holding you back to change something? You are the person in the driver seat. Don’t wait for something which will never happen. Be the change you seek.

I know it’s easier said than done. To support you on that journey I invite you to take advantage of my free 30min assessment session. We will explore the areas you feel stuck with and you will leave with actionable tips on how you can find your path.

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