Powerful Vision 2021

Create your Vision for 2021

Creating a vision can be very helpful in guiding you through challenging situations like COVID-19, a breakup, your carrier, your spiritual path. Learn how to craft a powerful vision today.

What is a Vision?

A vision is your bigger picture of life. A vision defines the optimal desired future state. It tells what you want to achieve and how this will look like over a longer period of time. It’s your personal “why” aka your internal purpose of existence. A vision is there to inspire you on your way and supports you in taking the right actions.

What’s the difference between a vision and long-term goals?

Goals are individual experiences and accomplishments you strive for. A vision is the bigger picture. Your vision defines who you want to be and why this is important for you – it reflects your values. This vision helps you to set goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

An example: Losing 5kg, earning more money, or getting a promotion is a goal. Being a happy or an active person who wants to explore the world is a vision. This vision helps you to come up with goals like: to be more active I want to be fitter and need to lose 5kg. Now you have a very clear goal, with a purpose, and you can focus on the strategy to achieve your goals.

Why having a Vision is important

  • A vision inspires, motivates, and energies you.
  • It gives you a sense of purpose
  • It helps you to get clear on your individual goals
  • It supports you in coming up with a strategy and helps you to focus on your next steps.
  • It guides you in a world of too many choices and in making a difficult decision
  • You always know your why, because it’s connected with your values and purpose.
  • It unlocks your potential because you are connected with your true self and your needs.
  • You become fearless

A goal without a strategy is just a wish.

Let’s get started and create your own powerful vision.

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How to create a powerful vision

Take some conscious time out and get out of your usual routine.
Away from any distraction. Maybe go for a walk and connect with nature. Start to brainstorm your vision, by asking you the following questions. Answer those questions spontaneously from your heart. Remember: there is no wrong or right answer.

  1. What would your best life look like? Be as specific as possible.
  2. How will you feel about yourself?
  3. What kind of people are in your life? How do you feel about them?
  4. Are you with another person, a group of people, or are you by yourself? What do you want your relationships to be like?
  5. What does your ideal day look like?
  6. What qualities would you like to develop?
  7. Set aside money for a moment; what do you want in your career?
  8. What’s your state of mind? Happy or sad? Contented or frustrated?
  9. What does your physical body look like? How do you feel about that?
  10. Does your best life make you smile and make your heart sing? If it doesn’t, dig deeper, dream bigger.
  11. What would you like to have more of in your life?
  12. What matters to you in life? Not what should matter, what does matter.
  13. What are your secret passions and dreams?
  14. What are your talents? What’s special about you?
  15. What would you most like to accomplish?

I created a free webinar to guide you through the process of creating a strong, powerful vision, including a manual on how to bring it to life.

Continue with your why?

After you answered all those questions. Go back to each answer you made and ask yourself “Why?” Why is this important for you? What does it mean to you? This is the most important step. You need to know your why, otherwise you will not achieve what your dream of. Your why is your driver and motivator. If you can’t find a strong why, it’s not worth working towards it.

E.g. If you want to have 1.000.000$ on your bank account. Ask the why question. Why do you want to have this money? Does it make you feel safe? do you feel accomplished? You stop working? Again ask the why question. Why do you want to feel safe, accomplished or want to stop working? What would you do instead, why are those things important to you. Go deeper and deeper until you found a powerful why.

This is work you need to put in, but the result is so powerful.

Cluster your answers and your why’s

By clustering your answers and your why’s into categories, you will learn what matters to you. What are your values, where do you want to set the main focus. Here are some categories to start with. Feel free to tailor them to your vision.

  • Health — exercise, diet, mindfulness, perspective
  • Ability — skills, knowledge, character
  • Relationships — curate and cultivate them
  • Time — how to use your time
  • Wealth — creating the value necessary to support goals
  • Experiences — creating memories and long lasting happiness
  • Accomplishments — career, money, success
  • Contentment — being happy with who you are

Finally, craft a vision that describes what your ideal life looks like.
Your vision will consist of an overall description of your ideal life, combined with a list of areas that matter most. The best way to start is by crafting your vision statement based on a 3-year time frame. 3 years is enough time to change something, but not too far in the future. Your vision should be unique to your desires and dreams, focused, simple, bold, inspiring, and engaging

Here are some tips before you start:

  • always ask the “Why” question. Why do you want a certain thing, why is this important to you?
  • Think about what you want, not about what you don’t want
  • Give yourself permission to dream
  • Be creative and think big. Consider ideas that you never thought possible
  • Focus on your wishes, not what you think others expect of you

What’s next?
You have your vision. But how do you bring it into action?

  1. Plan backward. You have your vision, now you need to break down what actions you need to take to come closer to your vision.
  2. Create a Vision Board with things that inspire you to stick to your vision
  3. Be open to change. To achieve something in your life you need to change something. Otherwise, everything will stay the same. Open up to change your behavior, but also be open to change/adapt/review your vision regularly. What was you wish today, can change till tomorrow.
  4. Join free webinar to bring your vision to life.

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